Rider's Guide

How To Ride The Bus

Riding the bus is easy once you learn how!

Easy Rider Buses pick up passengers anywhere along a regular route when flagged, except in a designated safety zone area. Easy Rider has designated stops that are located in the congested areas along various routes (Must be at bus stop sign). Please refer to map for designated areas.

Passengers should arrive at the area where they wish to be picked up at least five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time (see schedule for estimated arrival time). Due to safety issues, drivers are not permitted to pick up passengers that cross the street in front of the bus so all passengers must be sure they are standing on the correct side of the street which may depend on direction you are traveling. You must be clearly visible and must flag the bus down as it is approaching.

The route/destination of each bus is displayed on the destination sign on the front of the bus above the windshield. Before boarding make sure it is the bus you wish to take. If you are unsure, ask the driver to assist you.

Please have exact bus fare or pass ready before boarding. The driver is not able to give change. Also, passengers using a discount fare are required to present acceptable proof of eligibility upon boarding. Free transfers are available on each bus for passengers who will need to transfer to another bus in order to reach their destination. Passengers needing a transfer must request it when boarding the bus. Transfers will not be accepted for return trips and will not be accepted on the route on which they were issued. Transfers issued on a route are valid only at the transit center.

Just before you reach your destination, pull the stop request cord. Please be sure the driver has enough time to make a safe stop. The bus will stop at the nearest corner after the stop request has been activated by the passenger. After you exit, stand to the side of the road or on the sidewalk until the bus has pulled away. For your safety, do not cross in front of the bus and obey all traffic signals.


Passengers wishing to be picked up in parts of some routes marked as a “Deviation Area” on our route guides and maps must call the office prior to the bus leaving the transit center to schedule the pick-up. Passengers wishing to be dropped off in a “Deviation Area” must inform the driver upon boarding.

Rules of Riding the Bus

These rules are in place to ensure that all passengers will have a safe and pleasant trip while riding with Easy Rider. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in keeping our system safe, clean and pleasant for all who ride.


No smoking or use of electronic vaping devices are permitted on buses or in the terminal.

Food & Beverage

Consuming food or beverages or possessing open food or beverage containers while on the bus is prohibited.


Service animals are permitted and must be kept on a leash no longer than three (3) feet in length and must be well behaved. Small animals are permitted on the bus but must be kept in a cage/carrier that can be carried by the passenger. The cage/carrier may not be stowed in the aisle of the bus. The cage/carrier can be placed in the baggage area behind the driver, placed in the seat beside the passenger if seating permits, or held on the passengers lap. Such animals must be well-behaved and not inconvenient to other passengers.

Audio Devices: Radios, iPods, MP3 Players, etc.

The use of these devices aboard buses is prohibited unless the passenger utilizes an earphone system so not to disturb other passengers.


Proper clothing, including shirts and shoes, are required aboard all buses.

Inappropriate Behavior

Be respectful of other passengers. Any disorderly, lewd or inappropriate conduct is prohibited on the bus and in the transit center. Horseplay, fighting, threats or intimidation, destruction of property or any such other inappropriate behavior is not acceptable. Obscene, profane, vulgar, foul or abusive language is also prohibited.

Carry-on Items

Carry-on items are permitted, provided that they do not exceed what you can comfortably carry on the bus in one (1) trip. These items are to be stored so that they do not interfere with other passengers. We ask that you please keep track of your items. Explosive, flammable, toxic, dangerous or offensive items that may cause harm or discomfort to any passengers are prohibited.


Weapons of any type are not permitted on the bus.

Drugs, Alcohol, & Tobacco

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are not permitted on the bus.


Most buses have bike racks. If one is not available or no room is available on the rack, bicycles are permitted inside the bus provided there is adequate space available in an unoccupied wheelchair area or in the back of the bus.

Baby Strollers & Carts

Strollers and carts, of acceptable size that do not pose safety concerns while on the bus, are permitted when deemed safe to do so. All strollers and carts must be folded upon entering the bus and stored in the rear of the bus or in between seats. They may not block or narrow the aisle in any manner. Children must be removed from stroller and either held safely in the arms of the adult accompanying them or in the seat by that adult.

Crossing in front of the Bus

Due to safety reasons, our drivers are not permitted to stop to pick up passengers who cross the street in front of the bus that is not considered a safe distance. Please make sure you are standing on the appropriate side of the street to board the bus. When exiting the bus, stand to the side of the road or on the sidewalk until the bus has pulled away.

Proof of Reduced Fare Eligibility

Passengers paying one-way reduced fare rate must have acceptable proof of eligibility ready before boarding bus to present to the driver.