Paratransit Service

Passengers requesting special service on our paratransit bus (Easy Lift) must first be certified as having a qualifying disability. The agency that does the certifying for Easy Rider Bus is ADARIDE. They can be contacted by calling 877-232-7433 or by visiting their website at

After being certified, passengers may call the Easy Rider office to schedule an appointment. The bus is available Monday through Saturday from 5:50 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Also available on evening loops from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.The evening loop service will deviate up to 3/4 of a mile off the fixed route for certified paratransit passenger upon request or for scheduled appointments.

Below is a list of regulations for use of the Easy Lift:

    1. Service is provided 3/4 mile of all routes and within the city limits of Parkersburg and Vienna. Every attempt will be made to pick you up and drop you off at locations of your choice.
    2. There are no restrictions on trip purpose. Appointments can be made the same day you need the service if the bus is available. However, to better insure the availability of your appointment time, you may call up to seven (7) days in advance to schedule your appointment.
    3. When you call to make your appointment, we will need to know:
      1. The pick up time
      2. The address where you are going
      3. The return time
      4. If you plan to travel with an attendant and/or guest(s).
    4. You must provide your own personal care attendant. Attendants are not provided by Easy Rider.
    5. We try to run as closely as possible to our schedule. We ask your understanding, however, when situations arise which may result in schedule variations. The bus may arrive between fifteen (15) minutes before to fifteen (15) minutes after your scheduled appointment. The bus will wait a maximum of five (5) minutes and then leave without notice. Return trips to pick up missed appointments are provided only if space and time are available.
    6. Easy Lift picks up at point of origin and takes to destination only.
    7. One attendant may go with a certified paratransit passenger at no charge.
    8. Fares:
      • Individual with disability – 35 cents
      • One (1) Attendant – no charge
      • Guest – 35 cents
    9. At your request, an identification card with your picture will be issued to you at no charge. The card will enable you to ride Easy Rider’s regular buses for half-fare and will certify that you are eligible for paratransit services when visiting other cities. If you would like such a card, please call our office to make arrangements.
    10. VISITORS POLICY:FTA CIRCULAR 4710.1 AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT GUIDANCE Service for Visitors“Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority is required to provide complementary paratransit service under § 37.121 of [Part 37] shall make the service available to visitors as provided in this section” (§ 37.127(a)).Visitors with Eligibility from another Transit Agency“Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority shall treat as eligible for its complementary paratransit service all visitors who present documentation that they are ADA paratransit eligible, under the criteria of § 37.125 of [Part 37], in the jurisdiction in which they reside” (§ 37.127(c)).Visitors without Eligibility from another Transit Agency“With respect to visitors with disabilities who do not present such documentation, Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority may require the documentation of the individual’s place of residence and, if the individual’s disability is not apparent, of his or her disability. The Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority shall provide paratransit service to individuals with disabilities who qualify as visitors under the above paragraph of this section. The Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority shall accept a certification by such individuals that they are unable to use fixed route transit” (§ 37.127(d)).Duration of Visitor Eligibility“Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority shall make the service to a visitor required by this section available for any combination of 21 days during any 365-day period beginning with the visitor’s first use of the service during such 365 day period. In no case shall the Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority require a visitor to apply for or receive eligibility certification from the Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority before receiving the service required by this section” (§ 37.127(e)).
    11. Appealing ADA Eligibility Determinations :An individual receiving a notification of denial of ADA eligibility service has the right under the ADA legislation to appeal the decision. The applicant may appeal the entire eligibility decision or only the condition under which he or she has been certified. An appeal process may also be used by consumers who have received a suspension of service. To appeal a denial for certification, the individuals must send a letter of request to the President of the Board of Directors. The President shall appoint a committee of at least 3 members of the Paratransit Committee which shall review all appeals of denied certification applications and render a final decision. Transit Authority employees may provide staff services to the committee but may not vote on the appeal. A decision must be rendered within 30 days of the request. MOVTA is not required to provide transportation to persons pursuing an eligibility appeal. However, if the Committee has not reached a decision within 30 days, temporary service will be provided by MOVTA. This service will continue until a decision is reached. All request letters and correspondence for appeal must be sent to the following address:


Michael A. Kesterson, General Manager
Request for ADA Appeal
Attn: MOVTA Board President
520 Juliana Street
Parkersburg, WV 26101

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