Safe Child Bus Program

How does the program work?

The Easy Rider Safe Child program is for children in grades 1-8. Parents/ Legal Guardians must enroll them into our program at the Easy Rider office, located at 520 Juliana Street, Parkersburg, WV. Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) along with each enrolled child must take part in a short orientation during enrollment.

Easy Rider will guarantee any child safe and reliable transportation on their buses until they reach their destination. We will look after the child while in our care by various means, including assigning special seating and assistance in the terminal while changing buses.

How does my child board the bus?

The child and parent(s)/legal guardian(s) will be given instructions on boarding, routes and proper procedures on riding the Easy Rider bus system. Each child and parent(s)/legal guardian(s) will be assigned a driver to ride on a route to understand the operations and routes of Easy Rider during the orientation time. Buses cannot leave their regular route to transport a child to their destination.

Each child must be brought to the bus route by an adult with written instructions with their final destination information, name of the person receiving the child at the destination, and contact information for parent(s)/legal guardian(s) for each child. They must be met at the destination by a responsible person that is listed on the information sheet and that person must show proper identification.

What happens if my child is late or the person at their final destination is not there?

If we are running behind, the driver will notify our dispatcher, the dispatcher will contact the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) by telephone.

At the final destination, if the responsible person is not there, our drivers will be instructed to transport the child back to the Easy Rider bus terminal and the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) MUST come to the terminal and pick their child up. Easy Rider will not re-transport any child to their location on the route.

What if my child is lost, cold, frightened or hurt?

Teach your children that if they are lost, cold, frightened or hurt, they can hold up their hand (palm facing out) in the direction of an approaching bus to signal the driver that they need help. Bus operators are trained to recognize this as a sign of distress and will stop to help your child.

The Easy Rider bus driver will contact the MOVTA’s office and transport the child back to the terminal in order that the child can reconnect with loved ones safely. Within this component, if a child is in need of help, no fare would be needed.

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